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The Hillsborough Area Artisans has disbanded.

The Hillsborough Area Artisans is a group of artists and crafts people that represent just a sampling of the wealth of talent and creativity found in the Hillsborough, New Hampshire area. HAA is based in Hillsborough, but also draws artisans from surrounding communities. It was founded in 2003 by two local artisans who wanted to draw people to their growing artisan community.

You can find some of these artists on the web:

The Artists

The artists in our group come from all backgrounds and work in a wide range of media.
Here we've provided pages to introduce the artists and their work .

  ChristensonCherylT ColeCharles2t
Jeanne Bartlett
Cheryl Christenson
Basket Weaving
Charles Cole
 DaltoTrishT GilmanJanettT  Gutgessel3
Trish Dalto
Blown Glass & 
Glass Jewelry
Janett Gilman
Fiber Artist -
Crochet and Felting 
Diane Gutgesell
Drawing and Painting
 HendricksonLynnT  HoffmanCarolT  LintBt

Lynn Hendrickson
Beaded Jewelry and
Painted Floor Cloths

Carole Hoffmann
Fine Art - Portraits and

  Bob Lint

MynottT  PinelJane1 
Sue McPhee
Storyteller & Actress
Mark Mynott 

 Jane Pinel 


 John Rauscher
Book Binder

Ruth Sears

 Sissi Shattuck
 ShermanST StillwagonMarianneT  WhitneyT
Sandy Sherman
Fine Art Painting
Marianne Stillwagon
Americana Art
Richard Whitney
Fine Art Painting
WinterholerKT WolfeSashaT  Nan McCarthy
Karen Winterholer
Fine Art Photography
and Jewelry
Sasha Wolfe
Photography and
Charcoal Drawing

Nan McCarthy
Impeccably Detailed Fine Art


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